Care and Learn Teddy by VTech

Get ready to cure this patient with VTech’s Care and Learn

Teddy! The Care and Learn teddy is a great and fun toy for any kid. This teddy can not only be fun and entertaining, but it’s also educational! You can press the bear’s hands, feet, and ears to help your child identify body parts! Use the stethoscope to listen to the bear’s heartbeat and hear funny lines. The Care and learn teddy is a great gift for any child and helps them to learn and diagnose their own mini patients!

The bear also comes with band-aids that your child can put on the bear’s arms or legs to cure it’s boo-boo’s! Other accessories and detail on this include a thermometer and a nose that flashes when your kid interacts with the bear! This new VTech toy makes a great gift for any child and helps your child to learn and educate themselves.

Price: $19.99
Ages: 18 months and up
Available: Fall 2011

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