Star Wars the Vintage Collection Revenge of the Jedi Death Star Figure Pack

In the Star Wars saga Return of the Jedi was a Powerful ending to the fight between good and evil. But the movie was slated to be called Revenge of the Jedi. And while the movie was still undergoing some last minute changes George Lucas decided that the movie should be titled Return of the Jedi because Jedi do not seek Revenge. To celebrate the unique history of this film the exclusive new toy was named Revenge of the Jedi and comes with 14 action figures from the movie.

With such a unique history to this epic film you can now own all of your favorite characters from the Star Wars saga. And to top it all off all of the action figures are placed into a Death Star case. With all of the most beloved characters of Star Wars in one epic package this new Star Wars collectible is surly going to make a wonderful addition to any Star Wars collection.

Here are all of the action figures:

VC08 Darth Vader

VC22 Ackbar

VC23 Jedi Luke

VC63 Keyan Farlander (B-wing Pilot)

VC41 Stormtrooper

VC64 Slave Leia

VC27 Wicket

VC25 R2 with lightsaber & Drink Tray

VC26 Rebel Commando

VC 09 Boba Fett

VC65 TIE Pilot

VC62 Han Solo

VC67 MOUSE DROID (exclusive to the Death Star)

VC66 SALACIOUS CRUMB (exclusive to the Death Star)

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