Hot Wheels Rocket Car Science Kit

What happens when you mix Hot Wheels and science? You get the Hot Wheels Rocket Car Science Kit! With this fun and exciting kit you can have fun playing with rockets and still learn a thing or two at the same time. In this rocket kit you get a rocket car, a rocket station, your “rocket fuel”, and some utensils and cups to mix up your ingredients. Although this is just a toy car it still has some impressive stats – the car can travel up to 120 feet! That’s pretty impressive for just a toy car.

And the best part about this rocket car is that it requires no assembly and no batteries are needed. For kids ages 8 and up anyone will have a blast watching their rocket cars zoom. And if you want more action you can race with your friends to see who can get their cars to go the farthest. But remember always wear safety goggles when conducting your science experiment (goggles not included). With science, a car, and a little bit of your imagination conducting a science experiment has never been so fun!

You can order the Hot Wheels Rocket Car Science Kit exclusively at Mattel.

And just incase you run out of rocket fuel you can also purchase the Hot Wheels Rocket Car Fuel Kit at Mattel.

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