Need for Speed Custom Garage by Mega Bloks

Zoom! Zoom! Mega Bloks created the Need for Speed Custom Garage just for those kids who just can’t get enough of cars. This new toy includes the classy Audi R8 car in a blazing red paint job with silver rear doors, real chrome-spoked rims, a valid license plate, and special decals designed just for this Audi. But it doesn’t just stop there, Mega Bloks created the Audi R8 to cultivate your child’s imagination by allowing your child to change the looks and designs of his/her car by adding a vented hood, street grill and thin-spoke black rims.

After your child is done designing, the only thing left to do is race it to the finish line. With a flawless car like the Audi R8, the winner’s circle is his/her destined place. Your child can drive it up onto the included Custom Garage. This garage will display your child’s Audi R8 on a 360 degree turntable as a winner—just like the professionals in NASQCAR. The Need for Speed Custom Garage is the best, and must have gift for any child 8 and up.

Listing Price: $29.99

Features include:

  • Audi R8 and Exclusive R8 at a custom, buildable scale
  • 360-degree turntable
  • Display wall for all parts
  • 280 pieces overall

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