Ready, Set Grover With Sesame Street’s Video Game

Sesame Street has been a child’s favorite for ages, and now Sesame has come out with their new up and coming video game for kids. This fun new game is not only educational, but also teaches your child to make smart and healthy decisions about their everyday life. It teaches things like physical activity, good nutrition, personal hygiene, and even the importance of resting, relaxation and much much more!

Follow Grover as he sets up challenges to get his Sesame Street friends to get up and go. Elmo and Abby go through the game jumping, rowing boats, and even playing “Grover Says”! This fun new game makes a great gift for any young kid, and is probably the only time when you’ll want your kids to play video games!

For easier accessibility for younger kids the game also provides you with (at no additional charge) gameplay helpers! Soft and fuzzy character covers with special grips, which can easily be slipped right over any Wii Remote! Minimizing buttons that won’t be used and making it easier for younger kids to hold, (also available for the Nintendo DS, a jumbo click stylus, also for smaller hands)!

This great, entertaining, and educational game will be sure to keep your child hooked for hours! Get your soon! Coming out August 2, 2011!

Nintendo Wii for $39.99
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Nintendo DS for $29.99
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