Fly Crane – Look to the sky for Air Hogs’ new plane

Air Hogs has come out with another amazing toy plane! This plane is unlike the others because it can pick up and transport items! It’s easy to use too! With just a press of a button, the grapple hook lowers and retracts to pick up items. Air Hogs new Fly Crane also includes three looped baskets that can be used to transport items. The Fly Crane also comes with “Steady Fly” so you can fly this plane with smoothness and ease.

This fun and stable plane gets things moving when they need to be, and your child will have a blast maneuvering through whatever obstacles they set up. Getting to their destination to pick up whatever object they’d like is as easy as pushing the Fly Crane’s button! Use the steady Air Hogs “Fly Plane” to pick up cargo, find treasure, and much more that can be left up to your child’s imagination! You can look to the skies for yours now!

Price: $39.99


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