Fly Away In Barbie’s Glam Vacation Jet

This extremely detailed and fun new Barbie plane includes many features that you can enjoy for hours! This play set includes a first-class cabin that can converts into a fancy dining room for serving fancy first-class meals! Since this plane is so fancy it can even convert from pink Barbie plane to fun extra pop-out tropical resort! On the back of this plane the cabin comes complete with slide, spa pool, and lounge chair! As if that’s not enough this exciting Barbie plane also features a Cabin with comfortable seating for two pilots! Four realistic cabin sounds (take off and landing, seat-belt ding, a soda fountain sound and tropical music), as well as a microphone that your child can use to make flight announcements!

This makes a great gift for any child, with so many features and fun colorful details your child can and will be entertained for hours. This plane is even big enough for your child to bring over a friend and they can have a blast together!

You can get the Barbie Glam Vacation Jet at:
etoys and FAO for $89.99.

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