Become a Chef with Cooking Mama 4 – Kitchen Magic for the 3DS – Pre-Order to receive a FREE Mama plush doll

Have you ever played cooking mama before? If you have then you are going to love the new Cooking Mama 4: Kitchen Magic; it is the perfect game to add to your Cooking Mama collection. And even if you haven’t played Cooking Mama before then you will still enjoy the slicing and dicing involved in this fun and interactive cooking game! And if you pre-order the game at Amazon or at GameStop you will receive a free Mama plush doll.

With the new Cooking Mama 4: Kitchen Magic you can have fun cooking all your favorite recipes while performing all of the cool and unique cooking techniques. This new 3-DS game is a great gift for any one because not only is there so many different recipes to choose from but there are also fun activities to do; like balancing plates on your head! And because of the 3DS gyroscope you can cook in new ways; from cracking eggs to grating cheese you can become a master chef. Choose from 60 dishes to prepare for your friends and get help from Mama as she teaches you how to cut, stir, chop, roll and flip all of your food. And see if you can hit the golden medal to please Mama and become the next master chef!

The game cost $39.99 and is for the 3-DS. Cooking Mama 4: Kitchen Magic will be available for the 3-DS on October 11, 2011.

You can pre-order the Cooking Mama 4: Kitchen Magic at GameStop.

You can also get the Cooking Mama 4: Kitchen Magic at Amazon:

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