Max Force Terrornator 85 Hands On Review

It’s time to take spitball to the next level! Max force has created a safe and fun way to shot down your friends with soft and sticky spitballs that splat on impact. These new guns are great for big group fights or even 1 v 1 with your friends. Max Force has multiple guns to choose from but one of the more useful guns in combat is the Terrornator 85.

This rapid fire gun can shoot up to 85 feet and can shot up to 4 rounds per second. The Terrornator 85 also comes with a built in scope that allows you to pick out your target from a far distance. This will increase your accuracy when playing with friends, and once you spot your target you can “splat” them like never before! And after the battles are done the soft splat ammo can easily be cleaned up. The set comes with the Terrornator 85, 30 flex ammo belt, 250 soft splat ammo, a removable stock, a removable sight, mission glasses, 2 guards and an ammo container and is for kids ages 8 and up. With so many different accessories you will always be prepared to splat your friends to the MAX!

Video Hands on Review:

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