Learning Resources Zoomy Handheld Digital Microscope

Are your kids interested in science? This child’s toy is the perfect way to let them explore and find out if they really are! This fun and easy to use microscope is a great way to let your kids take a closer look at the world! This simple device plugs right into a USB port of a PC, or Mac.

There are four LED lights to provide your child with the right amount of illumination, and an easy to use hand-twistable section at the top of the Zoomey that controls the focus, and a button to snap a picture of the object! What’s even better is no batteries are needed since the Zoomey gets its power from the USB cable that’s plugged in your computer! This is a great gift for any child and is great for any occasion! This toy is fun, entertaining, and even educational! Other microscopes are expensive and hard for child use, but get the new Zoomey now for only Reg. $59.99!

Age Range: 3 years and up

It on sale for $38.36 at Amazon, Walmart, ThinkGeek

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