2011 Comic Con – Sneak Peek at Resistance 3

At the 2011 Comic Con in San Diego there were a couple of games that were being introduced. With fall approaching new games were sure to hit the Market. And an old favorite game will be releasing a trilogy to their hit series on September 6th: Resistance 3! With Resistance, and Resistance 2 containing amazing graphics and a crazy story line; Resistance three was going to take the Resistance series to the next level.

After hearing that Resistance 3 was going to be released I went crazy! Because I already owned Resistance I understood the story line of the game. And like wise Resistance blew me off my feet. The game had good graphics and the story line had me hooked. And although I do not own Resistance 2 I have heard good reviews about the game. And once I was informed about Resistance 3 I knew I had to check it out for myself.

With Resistance having amazing and unique guns that range from humans to aliens; Resistance 3 is going to take those guns and make them a whole lot better. With ½ of Resistance 3 using guns from either Resistance or Resistance 2 the other ½ is going to contain never before seen weapons: such as the Wild Fire ( a rocket launcher) or the Dead Eye ( sniper rifle). And to add to all of the fun Resistance 3 is going to contain a multi-player or co-op section to the game. These features are going to allow you to either play the story mode with your friends or you can go online to battle with people from all around the world.

Click here to check out the preview of 2011 Comic Con – Resistance 3.

Resistance 3 trailer:

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