Mini Lalaloopsy School Bus and Ferris Wheel Hands On Review

Mini Lalaloopsy School Bus:

Add to your child’s collection with this new adorable Mini Lalaloopsy School Bus. This school bus fits six Mini Lalaloopsy dolls and comes with the doll Bea Spells-a-lot. Bea loves to talk, is definitely a smarty-pants, and follows all the rules. She comes with a pink lunchbox, a traffic cone, and a cute little pet owl.

This school bus is not like your everyday typical school bus, because it’s mostly made out of school supplies! The seats are made of erasers, and the buses outer rim is made of pencils and rulers! Not only is this school bus unique and fun looking, it has an attached pink slide in the back! Pull it down and your Mini Lalaloopsy dolls can enter school in style! Your dolls can have a blast riding around in this bus, waving, singing, and having fun. At only $19.99, for kids from 4 all the way up to 104! You can collect all the mini Lalaloopsy items and build onto your child Lalaloopsy world!

Mini Lalaloopsy Ferris Wheel:

Get excited because the Mini Lalaloopsy dolls have a Ferris wheel out for sale in stores! This exciting toy has many features and even actually spins! It has three teacup shaped seats with buckles, and a small three stepped staircase that leads up to the Ferris wheel! This Ferris wheel also comes with a Mini Lalaloopsy doll! Peanut Big-Top!

Peanut loves to pull pranks and loves to make her friends laugh. She can sometimes be clumsy, but she’s a fun and silly Mini Lalaloopsy doll that will make a great addition to your child’s Lalaloopsy collection! Peanut Big-Top comes with a bucket of popcorn, lollipops, a flag, and a cute pet elephant! For only $14.54 you can get one now for your child!

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