Go! Go! Sports Girls Doll Review – Gymnastics

The lovable Go! Go! Sports Girls are out! There are about 11 girls in total, with two more coming out. Each Go! Go! girl comes with their own unique interests and personality. Maya, for example, is a gymnast, whose favorite move is the back handspring; she plays the violin and loves to move around. She comes with a small backpack and towel, and wears a pink leotard.

Maya and all the other Go! Go! Sports Girl make the perfect gift for any kid, and for any occasion. These Go! Go! sports Girls are so much more then just a soft and enjoyable toy, because not only are they cute dolls, they promote a healthy lifestyle for young kids. There strong messages such as exercise, healthy eating, good sleeping habits and much much more help encourage kids to make the right choices in their life.

These dolls range from $14.00-$19.00 and make the perfect addition to any kids toy collection!

You can get these dolls from Amazon, FAO

Go! Go! Sports Girls Video:

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