New K’Nex Kid Silly Monster Set

The new addition to the k’nex kid set is out! Anyone who is a fan of the K’nex sets know that these toys are not jut fun and entertaining, but they produce an endless stream of possibilities. These toys enable your child to use their imagination, and can help your child create and build whatever it is that is in their mind. This new k’nex set is great for any kid 3 and older. Help encourage your child to use their creativeness and let them build away using these silly little monsters! This is a 23 piece set that includes rods, connectors, and personality parts , like toes, curls, and eyes.

Your child can spend hours building and re-building monster after monster! These monsters can come alive with your child’s imagination, flapping, and waving their parts, or they can use the additional building pamphlet! This set comes in an easy portable box with a handle so your child can continue to build wherever they go. At only $10.99, collect all the k’nex kid sets and let your child’s imagination grow!

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