Does Bebe Gloton Breastfeeding Doll Cross The Line?

Baby dolls have been part of a child’s toy closet since anyone can remember. Every girl has grown up playing “house”, or mommy with these adorable toys, but is this new doll pushing it to the next level? Bebe Gloton, the Breastfeeding Doll is coming to the U.S. This doll looks like any other baby doll on the market, except don’t be fooled, this one doll makes breastfeeding noises and teaches young girls how to breastfeed.

Is this necessary for young girls? Will this be enjoyable for young kids? Will little girls want this for Christmas, and other special occasions? There are many mixed opinions on this new and upcoming toy. Some people seem to think it’s fine to have their kids learn how to breastfeed at such a young age, but others think that it’s too young. Some people think that this could be an educational experience for young girls, but others think that its outrages to have girls so young, being exposed to an experience associated with motherhood. Does this new toy cross the line?

If you want to know where to get it, it sold by Third party vendor via Amazon

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