New Bakugan: Baku Sky Raiders, Bakufusion, Bakumine, and Bakugan Battle Suits

When Bakugan first hit the market they were hot and hard to find. These new toys were unique and out of this world! They would pop open when they hit their gate cards and they could easily be carried around for more fun. Well Bakugan isn’t done just yet. On August 2011 Spin Master will release a new line of Bakugan that are sure to blow your opponents away! This new line up of Bakugan includes Baku Sky Raiders, Bakufusion, Bakumine, and Bakugan Battle Suits. All of these Bakugan are a unique and perfect addition to any Bakugan collection!

Baku Sky Raiders:

With Massive power and attack; just popping up wasn’t enough to suit these colossal Bakugan Attackers! Once your Baku Sky Raider hits its gate card it springs up and unleashes an attack that you have never seen before. These new Bakugan are a great addition to add to your collection because not only does each Bakugan pop open but each one will also jump up when it lands on it’s gate card which will add more fun and excitement when battling your friends in the ultimate Bakugan brawl. And to make it more challenging for your opponents you can combine your Sky Raiders to form the ultimate Bakugan.

Baku Sky Raiders include: Jaakor, Fusion Dragonoid, Skytruss, Orbeum, and Reptak


Bakufusion are the all new Bakugan that can combine with other Bakugan to form new opponents that you can use on the battle field. Each new Bakufusion Bakugan comes equipped with powerful new weapons that will attack your opponents with maximum power!

Bakufusion Bakugan Include: Radizen, Roxtor, Spatterix, Stronk


With the all new Bakumine Bakugan your opponents will never know what hit them! Once the Bakumine is placed on the gate card there is no stopping this ferocious new Bakugan from detonating! Each Bakumine is very unique because unlike most Bakugan the Bakumine will detonate when another Bakugan is placed on the same gate card; what happens is when the Bakumine detonates the top of the Bakumine will fly off reveling hidden blades that have the ability to cut any monster. With amazing explosive powers the Bakumine is a great addition to any Bakugan arsenal.

Bakumine Include: Trembelar

Bakugan Battle Suits:

Get ready for the ultimate Bakugan battle attachment. With Bakugan Battle Suits you can attach your Bakugan to create a massive new opponent that is sure to rock your fights. But what makes each battle suit so unique is that each battle suit will actually pop up just like your Bakugan. All you have to do is drop your Bakugan on to the battle suit and you are ready to battle. Each Bakugan Battle Suit is great for any Bakugan fight because not only will it rock your opponent but it will get you out of any tough Bakugan Battle situation!

Bakugan Battle Suits include: Blasterate, Doomtronic, Defendtrix, and Comubustoid

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