Netflix for Your Nintendo 3DS!

Get ready because Netflix and Nintendo are about to change the way you use your Nintendo 3DS! Netflix and Nintendo are teaming up to create a new app that will allow you to watch movies off your Nintendo 3DS. This new app for the 3DS will allow Netflix members to watch movies instantly right from the 3DS. And to make things a whole lot better the 3DS will be able to play any 3-D movies right off your 3DS. Unfortunately Netflix does not contain any 3-D movies in its movie-shelf but Nintendo did announce that a “select” lineup of 3-D movies would be coming soon.

The Netflix app will be free for the 3DS, with this app you will be able to watch movies and 3-d movies right from your 3DS (*Note: you need to have activated your own Netflix account before you can use this app.) With so many movies to pick from this new app will have you on your 3DS for hours!

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