The Perfect Piggy Friends!

A fun new addition to these Piggie Wiggies is Santa Snorz! A wonderful gift during the holiday times, and coming soon for all young kids to cuddle and hold! It is a lovable, and soft adorable stuffed animal for any kid. This Santa Snorz Piggie is being released this November! For 13.99 each!

Other Piggy Wiggies:
These are just about the cutest thing you will ever see. Just out and coming, the Piggy Wiggies are fun and colorful. Each comes with their own personal description about themselves, and is perfect for kids any age. There about hand sized and can be brought anywhere.

Piggy Wiggies are a fun gift for any occasion and a great gift for young kids who want that special, memorable toy. The Piggy Wiggies have many collections to choose from, ranging from the classic Piggy Wiggies, to the Daisy collection, to the Christmas Piggy Wiggies, there are even Piggy Wiggies minis! Coming soon, you will also be able to mix and match Piggy Wiggies! These fun loving colorful toys will bring smiles to any kids face.

Each Piggy Wiggie is $12.99

Get your very own Piggy Wiggie at Piggy Wiggies

Here is more information about the Christmas Piggy Wiggies: Facebook or at Christmas Piggy Wiggies

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