A Fun and Clean Way to Color: iMarker Stylus!

On January 4th, 2011 Griffin Technology Inc and Crayola partnered up to create the new iMarker digital stylus! This amazing new stylus is full of endless possibilities that will have your kids coloring all over the iPad instead of the walls. With the iMarker stylus your kids can easily color any of their favorite pictures using some of their favorite utensils. With just one marker you can have the entire Crayola gear at your finger tips. This new marker comes with an eraser, two different types of markers, a crayon, a colored pencil, and a paint brush.

Along with the iMarker the set also includes the Color Studio HD app which is full of different coloring pages that your kids can use to fill their imaginations with! And to make things a lot better the iMarker safely interacts with the iPads multi-touch display, allowing the app to be able to tell the difference between the iMarker and your kid’s fingers. This feature will allow more creativity when using the iMarker. So if you’re tired of cleaning up after your kids when their finished coloring; the iMarker stylus is the new and cleaner way to let your kids express themselves without leaving a huge mess.

Each iMarker is $29.99 – The iMarker can be found at
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iMarker Video

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