Disney Rock Star Mickey

Last year Dance Star Mickey was a HOT and hard to find toy. But this holiday season it is sure to be the all new Disney Rock Star Mickey! This rockin’ new toy lights up as he shows off his crazy new dance moves and jams on his guitar! And to get the party started turn Mickey onto his “You’re a rock star mode,” and your entire family will be dancing along while Mickey will be rockin’ the stage! And to top it all of Mickey will be performing his crazy signature move. The Mouska-split!

Bet hey what if your kids want to rock along with Mickey. Well no need to worry Rock Star Mickey is also willing to teach your kids with his Rock Star Training 101. With this new feature Mickey will be teaching your kids how to rock out and be a star. So get ready to rock with the all new Rock Star Mickey!

Rock Star Mickey will be released on September 6, 2011 and will cost $49.99 (retail price)

Disney Rock Star Mickey Tracker

Rock STar Mickey Full demo:

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