Nyko Zoom allows limited space for Xbox Connect

Have you ever had problems with the space in your room when it came to playing with the Xbox 360 connect? Well stop your worries because Nyko has got you covered. With the original Xbox connect needing a certain amount of flail-space before you could use it; the Nyko zoom will reduce that amount of flail-space by 40 percent, allowing you to get closer to the T.V. and still be able to play all of the original Xbox connect games with ease!

And because of the zooms wide angle lens it will allow two players to stand farther apart so that there is no hassle or fuse when playing with your friends of family. And to top it all of the zoom doesn’t need any wires that need to be connected or any software that needs to be downloaded; all you have to do is attach the zoom to your connect and you can start playing. And because of the zooms sleek design it will blend right into the Xbox connect. The zoom cost $29.99 and will be released on 8/23/2011.

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