Design Your Very Own iphone 4g Case!

Connect Design is a unique company that allows you to design your very own stuff! And now Connect Design brings you the all new iphone 4g DIY case. This new case has a grid like design that can act like guide lines as you create your very own design! But the main reason why the case looks like fabric is because you can stitch your very own design on to the case.

The iphone 4g DIY case comes with a threading needle and 3 different colors of fabric that you can use to design your very own case. The set also comes with 6 different cases to pick from (white, blue, pink, green, black and orange). There are so many designs you can create; from Mario to your favorite super hero the possibilities are endless when you have the new iphone 4g DIY case!

Each iphone 4g DIY case cost: $18

Check out Connect Design for more information on the iphone 4g DIY case

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