Schleich Hand painted animals: Review

Schleich is a unique company who sells a broad range of products. But what makes them special and unique is that all of their toys are hand painted. With each toy comes hours of hard work, and incredible talent. Schleich sells a range of things, from animals, heroes and knights all the way to the smurfs. The collection of animals featured here, show uncanny realistic features, and is great for all ages. No matter the age, anyone will find endless things to do with the Schleich animals.

Kids can spend hours imaging different scenarios for these toys, and adults can even make Schleich products a collector’s item! One can buy these toys separately or as a whole collection. Some of their collection includes, farm life, wild Life, prehistoric animals, the world of knights, the Smurfs and more! Some examples of their animal collection are horses, oxen, dogs, reindeer, farm houses, and much much more! Each collection is detailed in its own entirety, and are great play toys for young kids to use and expand their imagination. Schleich sells products that make perfect gifts at any time, because “anywhere’s a playground”.

Wild Life grouping (each sold separately):

Water Buffalo Calf – $4.99
Water Buffalo – $7.49

Kudu Antelope – $7.49
Kudu Calf – $2.99

Artic Fox – $2.99
Artic Fox Kit – $2.99

Farm Animal grouping (each sold separately):

Texas Longhorn Cow – $7.49
Texas Longhorn Calf – $4.99
Texas Longhorn Bull – $7.49

Pinto Mare – $7.49
Pinto Yearling – $7.49
Pinto Stallion -$7.49

Schleich Animals can be found at:
Amazon, etoys, FAO

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