Double Duel: Hands on Review

Are you ready for some family fun; because Learning Resources Double Duel will get your entire family together for game night! This new game is not only fun but also very educational. Although this game may seem like just another activity to your kids it is actually going to help increase their vocabulary and quick thinking. The Double Duel game is for kids ages 7 – Adults and you can have up to 4 players.

The game comes with a how to play instruction manual, 4 buzzers, and 400 word clues. And the best part about this game is that each buzzer makes its own noise so that when someone rings their buzzer you can tell who rung it and what color they are. From all the different buzzers to the 400 word clues Double Duel is a fun and educational game that your kids are going to love!

How to Play:

1. Check the buzzers to see whether they work or not.
2. Place the cards in an area where all the players can reach it.
3. Chose a player to read first. Draw a card and read all the clues on the card. All of the players except the reader can guess, whoever has an answer can buzz in and guess.
4. First player to buzz in the correct answer keeps the card. But if the player is incorrect the other players get to steal the card.
5. If no one answers correctly the card goes back in the box
6. Play continues to the right. The next player gets to pick and read the card, other players buzz in.
7. The first player to collect 10 cards wins.

Each set cost $27.99

Double Duel Video:

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