Bratz all Glammed Up Review

The fun new Bratz doll has just come out! The Bratz all glammed up collection featuring Yasmin, Jade, Chloe, and Sasha are cool new toys for any child 6 and older. Unlike other dolls, this collection lets you create and imagine. This doll goes by the name of Yasmin, and she comes with 3 different hair style tools, a crimper, and curler, and one to wave her hair. What’s great with her is that you can use these tools to continuously change her hair style. Yasmin also comes with hair accessories for you! She comes with 2 crown clips for yourself and a rose head band for herself.

Yasmin also supplies you with glitter for your hair that both you and the doll can share! If you get tired of one hairstyle, just use the star shaped comb she has and design another one! This new doll is new and exciting, and lets your child create new things. Yasmin has endless possibilities and is a great gift for any child.

Sample was provided for review. Opinion remains my own.

Each doll cost $19.99

The Bratz All Glammed Up dolls can be found at:
Target, Kmart, etoys, FAO

The Bratz All Glammed Up dolls can also be found at Amazon:

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