Super Sorting Pie – Hands on Review

Learning Resources has just created a simple and easy way to help your kids sort, count and recognize colors! With the Super Sorting Pie you can adjust from shapes to fruits and colors to numbers with ease. The Super Sorting Pie cost $27.99 and is for kids ages 3 and up. With 60 pieces of fruit and 8 set pieces you will always be prepared to help your kids get started with the basics for pre – school, but the best part about the pie is that it comes with 3 double – sided activity cards that can be replaced by pulling apart the pie from the blue plate; so now your kids will be learning their colors, shapes, and numbers and still be having fun at the same time!

With so many possible combinations the Super Sorting Pie will take the stress of teaching your kids the essential learning skills needed for pre – school and turn it into a fun activity!

*Warning: Keep out of reach of children (ages 3 and under), the fruit pieces look a little bit like candy*

Hands on Video Review:

Sample was provided for review. Opinion remains my own.

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Walmart, and Target

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