Mini Time Tracker Hands on Review

The Time Tracker mini by Learning Resources is a simple and easy way to manage your time. This timer comes with three dials; a warning dial, a timer dial and a power/volume dial. What is really neat about the Time Tracker mini is that the power dial and the volume dial can be found on the same spot; so after you have turned on your timer just continue to rotate the dial to the right to increase the volume. Now what is really unique about this timer is that the timer comes with a timer dial as well as a warning dial. The timer dial is colored green while the warning dial is colored yellow (the timer dial goes up to 120 minutes and the warning dial goes up to 115 minutes) and you can adjust the timer and warning dial into whatever time you would like. But that’s not all this timer can do.

When you first turn on the timer the light at the top of the dial will turn red to indicate that the time has not been set, and after you have adjusted your time you can press the start button in the front of the timer and the light will turn green. Now if you set a warning dial the light will turn yellow once the warning has begun and a small tune will play to indicate that the timer is at its warning time. And once the time is up the timer will make a ringing noise and the light will turn red again. So if you ever need a timer for baking your cake, timing you friends, or even on the go, check out the Time Tracker Mini!

Each Time Tracker Cost $19.99 and requires 3 AAA batteries

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