Peek At Me Bunny Hands on Review

Peek-a-boo! Here comes the Peek at Me Bunny! This adorable little bunny is a fun and lovable toy for your babies to play with. The bunny teaches your babies about colors, shapes, and body parts, but the best part about this bunny is that it sings which gets your kids to interact with it. And all you have to do to get the bunny to sing is turn it on. Another way to make the bunny sing is by clapping your hands! And when you press any buttons on the bunny’s hands or feet it will recognize the shapes and tell your baby to press it.

But that’s not all this bunny can do. As well as signing and clapping its hands the Peek at Me Bunny can play peek-a-boo, what you need to do is place the ears over the bunny’s eyes and then lift the ears and the bunny will respond! The Peek at Me Bunny is a great gift for kids that are 6 months and older and each bunny cost $14.99.

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