Max Force Shadow Hawk 100

Have you ever tried making or using your own spit ball gun before? Well no need to fuss about it anymore because the Max Force Shadow Hawk 100 is here for you. The Shadow Hawk shoots soft splat pellets which are very similar to spit balls but the difference is that the splat pellets splat on impact. And thanks to the bolt action the Shadow Hawk can shoot up to 100 feet!

But the fun doesn’t end just yet. The Shadow Hawk uses an 8 round ammo clip that can be easily replaced when in a fight, and other accessories can be attached to the Shadow Hawk which will help to enhance your fighting experience. The Shadow Hawk comes with 120 pellets, a bi-pod, a scope, an ammo container and mission glasses. Each gun cost $49.99 and is for kids ages 8 and up.

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