Tired of your kids messing with your ipad, or worried that they might accidentally break it, well stop your worries because LeapFrog has just created the LeapPad!

This new toy is similar to the ipad but the difference is that the LeapPad is for kids ages 4 – 9. The LeapPad is also more durable than the ipad so that your kids can get the most out of it, and it comes with a built in camera and video recorder which allows your kids to take pictures or videos of themselves and put it onto the LeapPad. But what is really unique about the LeapPad is that it has a library of 100 games and activities that are all educational!

With 2GB of memory your kids can enhance their learning skills with the LeapPad! And not only can LeapPad download educational apps but LeapPad can also automatically adjust the reading level of each story to help improve your kids reading ability! So get your kids something to remember with the LeapPad; a fun learning experience that will have your kids eager for more!

Product Details:

– Release Date: August 5th
– $99 and is for kids ages 4 – 9
– 2GB and 100 games and activities to download
– Comes with a built in camera and video recorder
– Comes with a stylus and LeapPad
– The LeapPad has a touch screen
– Great for young learners

Where to buy:
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