Lalaloopsy Press Release Update

On June 28, 2011 MGA Entertainment announced that they will be increasing their line of Lalaloopsy and Mini Lalaloopsy products! MGA will be expanding on their new dolls, new play sets, and even video games. But for the first time ever MGA will be making a Lalaloopsy feature length movie. This made-for-DVD feature will be released in spring 2012 and will star the original Lalaloopsy characters.

The following new Fall 2011 Lalaloopsy and Mini Lalaloopsy toys are in stores now:


Marina Anchors – Sewn on Date: June 8th she is made from a sailor’s uniform. She is neat, she always keeps everything ship shape, and she has a pet whale.

Sahara Mirage – Sewn on Date: January 13th Sahara Mirage was made from pieces of a real genie’s veil, and always pops up when she’s least expected. She has a pet camel.

Misty Mysterious – Sewn On Date: March 24th Misty Mysterious was made from a magician’s cape, and she’s always got something up her sleeve. She has a pet Rabbit.


Lalaloopsy Silly Hair: These Lalaloopsy have silly hair that bends every which way! Now you can style your Lalaloopsy doll’s hair and her pet’s tail too! Available with Crumbs Sugar Cookie and Jewel Sparkles: Price: $34.99


Mini Lalaloopsy Treehouse: This hangout includes lots of fun activities, two exclusive Lalaloopsy dolls, two pets, and lots of accessories! Product Features: Two Sided Mini Treehouse Playset; Tire swing slides across zip line; Includes elevator in tree trunk, wind- up basket, bridge and two hammocks for doll and pet; Club house is removable; Spinning look-out bucket with telescope; Real working whack-a-mole feature; Price: $39.99

Bea’s School Bus

Product Features: Mini Lalaloopsy school bus with rolling button wheels; School bus fits 6 Mini Lalaloopsy dolls; Price: $16.99

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