Cars 2 Monopoly!

If anyone is a fan of Cars 2 or Monopoly, then this is the game for you. Disney has just re-created monopoly, but the only difference is that it has a Cars 2 theme. When you play monopoly you roll a dice, but instead of rolling a dice you get to push Lightning McQueen around the board and when Lightning McQueen stops on a number that’s the number of spaces you get to move! This small change certainly gave the board game a unique twist!

Other accessories have also gone through some changes such as the pieces for the Monopoly set; these pieces are characters from the movie, such as Francesco Bernoulli or even Mater! But the fun doesn’t end there; the board is shaped like a circle giving it more of a racetrack theme. This game is great for family time and will have you hooked for hours!

Price is $20

Recommended age 5 and up, players 2 to 8.

Cars 2 Monopoly Video

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