Green Lantern Colossal Cannon

If anyone is a fan of the new Green Lantern movie then this is the toy for you! The all new Green Lantern Colossal Cannon comes equipped with 10 small Green Lantern disc and one canon, and to top it all off when you press the trigger to shoot out your Green Lantern disc the canon will begin to light up and makes noise!

What’s so special about this toy?

What made me even more convinced that this was a toy to get was that it was one of the easiest toys to play with. The set comes with an instruction booklet that has 5 easy steps on how to fire and reload the gun. This made playing with the toy a lot more fun and easy to play with!

Price and Details

The set is $32.99 and depending on where you buy the toy you may also receive free shipping. The set comes with 10 Green Lantern discs, one canon, one instruction booklet, and is for kids ages 5 and up (Batteries are included in the set).

Video Hands on Review:

Sample was provided for review. Opinion remains my own.

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