BANZAI Hydro Jet Blast Sprinkler!

BANZAI has just added a brand new toy to their arsenal! The Hydro Jet Blast Sprinkler! This new toy can perform wild and crazy stunts that will have you soaked in no time! All you have to do is connect your hose to the Hydro Jet Blast Sprinkler and before you know it your kids will be running around for more.

With supreme soaking power this stunt flying sprinkler will leave a stream of water drenching anyone nearby, and the best part is that it will get your kids up and active instead of being glued to a T.V screen or video game. The BANZAI Hydro Jet Blast Sprinkler is fun and exciting to play with which will make your summer cool and unforgettable!

This set can be found at F.A.O as well as Toys R Us and is $11.98.

Sold at, Toys R Us

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