Pretend & Play – Ice Cream Shop

The Pretend and Play Ice Cream Shop is a very creative toy for kids. It comes with 18 pieces, and is great because it allows the kids to use their imagination, and have a blast. Many kids can come together and play with this ice-cream shop, and it makes for a great gift at any time, especially in the summer because it deals with ice-cream. Maybe after having a blast pretending to hand out ice-cream, they can be treated with real ones as well!

This “pretend and play” Ice cream shop is a fun addition for any kids wanting to “Serve up some cool treats”. This toy comes with 3 different ice-cream flavors, vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry, 2 ice-cream bowls, 2 cones, 2 spoons, and an ice-cream box, magnetic ice-cream scooper, chocolate syrup and more.

The Pretend and Play Ice Cream Shop is great for kids ages 3+.

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