Smurf Decade Set’s!

Schleich has just re-created an old favorite toy set, the Smurfs; Schleich is remaking the Smurfs figures for the Smurf movie which is coming out in August! These Smurf sets are very detailed and are filled with unique characters. But to make things even more exciting there are different types of sets, such as the 1970 – 1979 Smurf professions, to the 2000 – 2009 Smurf soccer set. Each set comes with 5 Smurfs filled with different characters that have their own emotions which makes each set unique to its own year!

What is so special?

Each Smurf set is filled with detail and is full of amazing characters. For instance the 1970 – 1979 Smurf profession set has characters that dance, paint, or even cooks, while the 2000 – 2009 Smurf soccer set has a goal keeper, a cheer leader, and a soccer player, and the best part is that each is unique to its own time period!

How much is each set?

Depending on which set you buy it could range from around $19 – $25, and each set is recommended for kid’s ages 3+

Are these sets worth it?

After looking through all of the sets I would have to say that these sets are worth their price. Each set comes with 5 Smurfs that are filled with detail and are unique to their own year, and each set is perfect for collectors or even for kids to play with!

Sample was provided for review. Opinion remains my own.

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