Chuggington Helps Celebrate 40 Years Of Amtrak

Looking for something to do this summer? Have a little one in the house that loves Chuggington? How about trains in general? Or, maybe just an obsession specifically with Amtrak?

(ok. unless your child is a commuter on his way to clock in for story time, they probably doesn’t have the amtrak obsession. that’s ok.)

Well. Then, have a look at this!

Starting very soon (May 7th), Amtrak is celebrating 40 years of existence. And, they are getting some help from some very special die-cast friends, Chuggington!

At special stops (check the Amtrak 40th celebration website to see dates and locations) on the summer tour, there will be a “Chuggington Depot” that will have train tables, DVDs on play, and story time!

Interested? Check the full press release below for all the details!

And, don’t forget to check the Amtrak Celebrates 40 Years site for all the dates and full details!

Press Release :

The ‘Chuggington Depot’ will feature characters from Chuggington, the popular train- based television series for preschoolers, which airs daily on Disney Channel’s Disney Junior programming block designed for kids age 2-7 and their families. Fun, train-themed activities will include play tables with Chuggington die-cast trains, a photo opportunity, a coloring mural, screenings of the television series, a Chuggington story time, and more.

“The ‘Chuggington Depot’ will be traintastic fun for young families with entertaining
hands-on activities that allow even the youngest train enthusiasts to take part in the celebration,” said Maureen Taxter, Senior Vice President at Ludorum U.S.

Chuggington is a CGI-animated television series that follows the humorous adventures of three ‘trainees’ – Koko, Brewster and Wilson. While each episode is filled with action and adventure, the series has been recognized for the important social-emotional and school- readiness lessons it presents like teamwork, respect and the importance of telling the truth.

The popularity of Chuggington has rapidly increased since the show debuted in the United States in January, 2010, and 2011 welcomes the first appearance on retail shelves of children’s products based on the series. Chuggington partners Learning Curve® Brands, Anchor Bay Entertainment and Scholastic are participating in the ‘Chuggington Depot’ with train tables, DVD screening and story time, respectively.

For additional information including the Exhibit Train and ‘Chuggington Depot’ schedule, please visit:

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