Toys R Us Item Number For Lalaloopsy Pencil Toppers!

On the hunt for those Lalaloopsy Pencil Toppers?  How about some help in your search?

Remember we told you Toys R Us will be getting them first?  Well, they are in the system!

And, thanks to some of the Lalaloopsy super fan hunters out there like Jacquie on our zooLert Facebook Page, we now have the  internal “item number”!

It’s 695392!

Good luck everyone.

I can say this is personally confirmed by me.  Got the UPC?  Leave it in the comments!

Here’s what I said on our FB page :

Good news – confirmed. That is the item number. Sadly, there is no reverse internal TRU item number to UPC to help globally find it, but, they are in the system. Very likely, they hit the warehouses and are on their way.

Perhaps that was the date we had pushed out earlier.. They arrived at TRU distribution centers over the past few days and are on their way to your local store.

(strange quoting myself!)

See you on our Facebook page!

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