Lalaloopsy Pencil Toppers Release Dates

The Lalaloopsy Pencil Toppers are now officially amongst the new-most-desired and hunted in the Lalaloopsy lineup.  Why?  Two reasons — they are new, and, they aren’t out yet.  But, when are they coming in stock?

Word we got is as follows :

TRU – week of 4/16 or 4/23

WM – by 4/25

Target – July

Is this guaranteed?  Not so much.

But, it should be some good guidelines to go by!  Could be earlier, could be later… Or dead on.  We only guarantee that you will remain excited enjoying the thrill of the hunt.

But, in all seriousness, this is what we were able to uncover so far.

As usual, enterprising minds are always on the lookout so another good indicator that you can start finding them is to check Ebay for Lalaloopsy Pencil Toppers.  You don’t have to get them there, but, it is a good place to get an idea where they are showing up.  Pay attention to the location of the seller too when it starts hitting.  That’s another good way to get an early heads up!

(wow.  lots of zooLert tips above!  even im impressed i got that out there.)

And, don’t forget to let us know if you see them online first!  Just send us a tip to or come join our Facebook Fan Page!  We’ll make a Lalaloopsy Pencil Toppers In Stock Tracker!

Lalaloopsy Pencil Toppers Gallery Pics (from Lalaloopsy Facebook Fan Page) :

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