New Nerf Vortex Blaster Nitron Revealed – Disc Shooter?

The new Nerf gun lineup, coming 09/10/11, the Vortex, has been teased today by Nerf Nation on their Facebook page.

Nerf Gun


Have a look at the video right here :

You can get a pretty good shot of the Nerf Vortex Nitron in the video. The range on the disc shooter is excellent!

It’s got some quick edits and has that overall secret-video-feel to it (which, personally, I give a big thumbs to) so you feel like it’s something you shouldn’t be seeing… And if you look, you see what may be a few new different guns sprawled on the floor.

What do you think?

Is a disc shooter based Nerf gun blaster something good for the line or not a good fit?

Either way, it looks like it goes pretty darn far! And, it’s coming 09/10/11! They always pick cool dates for the big releases.

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