Choo Choo! Got An Extra 1 Billion? Invest!

I know we have a wide and diverse audience here at zooLert.

So, let me make sure you are aware of all your investment options.

No, this isn’t just about cupcakes with trains on top! It’s about Thomas the Tank Engine! He’s on the market.

Turns out HIT Entertainment, the same company that owns the rights to not only Thomas, but, also, Bob the Builder amongst others is up for sale for a mere … one BILLION DOLLARS.

Yea. It deserved the Dr. Evil pic.

But, be warned! Your competition will be stiff as Disney, Viacom, Mattel, Hasbro and more are also in the bidding process!

To bring it back to earth for a moment, this could be pretty big news. It would be interesting to see what a Disney could do with the brands!

So, Thomas fans… The future is looking exciting!

Thomas the Tank Engine (yummy) cupcakes courtesy of Kids Birthday Parties

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