Apple Store Playmobil? Please. Please. Make this. Now. is a great source of fun April Fools Day fake product goodness.

This may be one of my favorite videos of all time on Toys. Yes, even more than our own :

I want this. Now.

Optional line pack? Duh. You need to complete the set, so, yes to this as well!

(and, yes, geeks, that’s Woz in the mix.)

Check out the video.. They really just went all out on this. Much better execution than when we said that Google was buying out the zooLert In Stock Tracker Technology on Facebook this morning!


PS – If you didn’t know … if enough people get behind them and beg.. They HAVE been known to make the fake stuff real in the past!

So, put out the good word.

We’ll even make a Playmobil Apple Store In Stock Tracker! How about that, Thinkgeek?

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Full Playmobil Apple Store Gallery :

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