Family Talk Breaks The Ice And Opens Conversations!

I know people like it when we check out toys that don’t just blip, bleep or do some other fancy noise or move. Sometimes, a bit of good ol’ fashioned imagination can go a long way. So can talking.

Well, with Family Talk from Around The Table Games, you can have some fun without all the distractions. Actually, it’s going to have a completely different effect! The modern day Norman Rockwell family usually depicts everyone heads down, deeply involved with their toy of choice (phone, iDevice, etc) .. Family Talk can break the cycle. It brings families together by encouraging everyone to converse with one another!

I know. I know. It’s a little crazy, but, it might just work!

Filled with questions like “What is something you would like to accomplish and why” or “What makes you feel most welcomed when you get home”, it gets the wheels spinning.

Add to this the bi-lingual edition, Bilingual Family Talk, that features both Spanish and English.. and now you have a learning tool and a conversation starter!

We’ll have video and pics soon! Stay tuned!

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