A Kachooz Reviewz For Youz. New Pencil Toppers!

Kachooz are a new spin (see what I did there??) on classic pencil topper theme.

Much like pencil toppers of the past, the fun is getting them all frizzy. But, with a modern day twist (I did it again… that time, it wasn’t on purpose. Swear.) of throwing in the idea of collecting. Each of the different Kachooz are grouped in “Moops”, or, as common folk may say, groups.

Check out this evening’s homework inspiration, brought to you courtesy of some Kachooz :

There are six different groups of Moops with 6 different Kachooz. That’s a lot of pencils that can now be topped.

The groups are Rainbow, Punk, Nervous, Mohawk, 2-Faced, and Highlight.

Want some help finding them in stock online? Check out the zooLert Kachooz Pencil Toppers In Stock Tracker!

Kachooz Gallery

Sample provided for review. Opinion remains our own.

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