Teacup Piggies Get New Additions In 2011 – Piglets!

Oink, oink! One of the big hits of the 2010 holiday season were Teacup Piggies. For the year 2011, they will be expanding with new litters and playsets, but, the big news is the piglets!

Ok, so, what does a piglet need? A catchy commercial of course!


How about some more shots of the piglets?

But, fan of large (and, ironically enough, small) piggies do not have to fear that they have been left to the side with the new piglet stars!

Afterall, someone has to look after these cute piglets!

And, the new Teacup Piggies have their own updated commercial for 2011 too :

Check out the shots of the lemonade stand and litter four :

And, at zooLert, we wouldn’t be doing our full part if we weren’t trying to help you locate them in stock.

So, here’s our new Teacup Piggies AND Teacup Piglets in stock tracker!

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