Two Wisecracking Spiderman Toys. A World Apart.

Long time readers know I love to go check out what’s new in the toy aisles whenever I can.  I find a lot of cool new things.  And, sometimes, I find new AND strange things.

Wisecrackng Spiderman
Case in point, the Wisecracking Spiderman toy from Hasbro.

But, it’s not really “just” the toy.

Here, see what I mean :


(yes, it was as awesome of a find as it seems)

No, sadly, I did not buy it.  I couldn’t.  I just had to leave it for an unsuspecting mother or child … or, another grown man that would find it as humourous as I did.

If you happen to get one, let me know what language yours is in!

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