More Disney Princess Squinkies Packs From Walmart!

Another stroll down the toy aisles, another unique find.  I found yet another set of Disney Princess Squinkies.  Unlike the ones I found earlier, this Walmart’s Squinkies find had lots more of the Squinkies, and, less jewelry.

Disney Squinkies Full 2

Sorry about the big burly arm making an appearance over and over (mine), but, I was trying my best to capture everything that I could in one shot.

I was able to get shots of all of the available ones this time – Ariel, Snow White, Belle, and Cinderella!

I hope this helps everyone in the hunt.  I know Squinkies announced on their facebook page that the initial batches showing up at Walmart stores were going to be minimal until the full launch some time in April.

Good luck everyone and happy hunting!  Pay special attention to the UPC symbols on the back of the packages.  Hopefully that will aid in your hunt in finding them!  All stores speak UPC!

If they start showing up online at Walmart, we will be sure to make an in stock tracker too!

Disney Princess Squinkies at Walmart Gallery :

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