Lego Fans Get A Classic Minifigure In USB Form

Everyone these days knows what a Flash Drive is, right?  It became a common word out of necessity just like MP3.  If you want to be digital, you need to know some terms.  Here’s another way you know Flash Drives have made the big time.  Check out this Lego minifigure!

Buy this exclusive USB Lego minifigure online at!  $24.99 each, limit of 5 per customer.

Contained within the character is a fully functional 2GB USB flash memory drive. You can store and share your photos, MP3s, games, documents and personal files! Attach it to your keychain and carry with you wherever you go!

  • Store and share your MP3s, photos, games, documents and personal files
  • Save up to 2 GB of information
  • Hi-speed
  • Compatible with Mac and PC
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