CONTEST OVER : Giveaway – Mega Bloks Domino Build Game – Preschool Fun!

Mega Bloks Domino Build Game is a game geared towards preschoolers with an emphasis on learning skills such as colors, numbers, matching, and motor skills.

What is this game all about?

Mega Bloks combines the matching skills of dominoes with familiar Mega Bloks that kids love. Each child picks his character that he wants to be – either a lion, giraffe, elephant or polar bear. Then each child chooses two domino cards from the pile. The children each take turns trying to match the animals on the  domino cards. Every time he/she makes a match they get to pick a Mega Blok from the pile. The goal is to be the first to build your animal using Mega Bloks.

I’m really looking forward to seeing more from this line. I would love to see a Mega Bloks Domino that focus on letters and numbers too…hopefully there is something like this in the works.

The Hands On Video:

In the video is my nephew Tommy and my son Tommy. My nephew is 3 and really had a blast. My son on the other hand is a little older (5, almost 6) and wasn’t fully engaged by it. This isn’t too surprising as he is on the upper scale of the intended age group. But, he was a good sport anyway!

Things We Love!

  • The game moves fast so kids don’t get bored! Only four blocks make up an animal so the kids don’t lose interest too quickly.
  • Fun and educational. Kids learn all sorts of skills including colors, matching and counting. It’s also good practice of motor skills.
  • A great beginner board game. Kids at this age are just starting to get into board games. This is a great, simple game to help kids master taking turns and good sportsmanship.

What’s In The Box??

  • 16 Mega Bloks (builds 4 animals)
  • 30 Domino Tiles
  • 4 Character cards with zoo animals to match the blocks
  • Directions

Number of Players


Age Range

36 months to 6 years

Price range

You can pick it up at a MSRP of $10.99

Where to buy

Since it’ a new toy, it is just starting to roll out, but, you can find it now at! Expect to also find it at your Walmart, Fred Myers, Toys R Us In Canada, and Walmart In Canada!

Bonus Info!

Everyone likes coupons, right?  Well, if you head over to the Mega Bloks Family Club, you can get a printable coupon for $5 off of $30 or more on a Mega Bloks purchase!

Giveaway :

We imagine you would probably like one of your own, right?  Right!

Giveaway Details :

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