Tarantula Planet Contest – Post Your Best Scare!

Those of you that have been with us for a while, or, just happen to find themselves in the toy-geared-towards-boy aisle of your favorite local store…. Perhaps you recognize this guy :

If so, perhaps you remember the video that I did with it?

This toy just lends itself to scares.  It’s begging to be put in a situation where you are trying to get a rise out of your baby-sister or mom.

And, Uncle Milton realized this.

So, they made a contest.  They want your best scare!

Tarantula Planet “Creepy Scare” video contest!

Do you have a great “creepy scare” video with your Tarantula Planet pet tarantulas?

Now through April 15th 2011, post your “creepy scare” video on the Tarantula Planet Facebook Page for a chance to win a prize!

Need help scaring someone with your Tarantula Planet pet tarantula? Check out our creepy scare tips for some fun ideas.

Rules and regulations

Feel free to use my attempt to be a scary movie director as your inspiration.

Good luck everyone!

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